Working in polluted cities, tight schedules of work, changed lifestyles, untimely or irregular meals results into deficiency of Vitamin D in your body. The normal remedy is vitamin tablets.

But, you are not aware about the fact whether the tablets you are using are of vegetarian or non-vegetarian origin. So instead of such medicines, if you get the A and D vitamins via milk then wouldn’t it be more beneficial? As it is confirmed that you would get those vitamins from vegetarian source.

Keeping this objective, a group of software developers came together, leaving behind their steady and high profile jobs and took a leap to start their own business ‘Baileys’.

A well planned, determined and customer oriented firm ‘Baileys’ now owns a huge frarm, hi-tech dairy, native healthy gir cows along with jersey cows and a great team of entrepreneurs, delivery staff, kathiyawadi farmers who takes care of their cows like a mother and transport vehicle.

We all know that Vitamin D is vegetarian and expensive vitamin. It’s prepared by some processing where the oil is extracted from Algae Plant. And it has many benefits for our bones, muscles and for immunity.

The introduction of ‘Fortified milk with Vitamin A and D ’ by Baileys is the first of it’s kind products in the current market or the dairy industry.

Transparency is the major factor of Baileys which attracts customers based on their honesty. They provide adulteration kit which can detect contamination in milk if present. And that’s the main reason behind their success.

These software guys have taken their business one step ahead with the provision of app, where you can issue or cancel the order on a fingertip.

At Baileys, fortified milk is available only in 56 Rs/ltr which is comparatively lower than other company’s milks in market where it’s above 90/Ltr. The reason behind is that other companies provides similar milks in plastic bottles which costs extra 15 rs and so the overall cost of the milk increases.

You get really a fresh and untouched milk in Baileys and it tastes like real milk because it is. And it’s a complete food like mother’s milk for a newborn. So, if you make any recipe with this fortified milk like, Kheer, Basundi or any such food item, you will be beneficiary of the vitamins A and D.

Isn’t that a great step towards a healthy life ?